Airline Incentive Program

Palm Springs International Airport has established an Airline Incentive Program to encourage new entrant air carriers and incumbent air carriers to establish passenger routes between PSP and unserved or underserved domestic and international destinations.

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Airport Service Requests

In order to have cabling, voice or data work performed in the terminal, or in order to access utility rooms, please complete a Service Approval Request form and submit it to the City of Palm Springs IT Department one week before the expected work date.

Signage Concept Approval Request

Airport signage is a very important tool in the operations of the airport. If not managed within a uniform framework, signage can become confusing to our customers and be unsightly. The Guide provides guidelines so that the signage displayed in public areas will:

  • Provide an effective source of needed information
  • Maintain quality of design that is compatible with the approved aesthetics of PSP
  • Be attractive and use colors and materials that are compatible with the design of the facility

Tenants are required to follow the concept approval process for all signage prior to installation. Alterations of existing signage also require approval. Please submit your request to the Airport Administration Manager.

Public Hearing Notice

There are no public hearings currently scheduled at Palm Springs International Airport.

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