Commercial Filming & Photography

The City of Palm Springs requires that any person engaged in the business or activity of filming, videotaping, or otherwise producing motion pictures or still photography for television or public exhibition at any place within the city, other than at or in an established motion picture, television or photography studio, must first obtain a motion picture or still photography permit from the City’s film permit officer through the Parks and Recreation department. Please call (760) 323-8265 for assistance.

Additionally, all commercial filming/photography projects shot at Palm Springs International Airport are subject to review by the Director of Aviation and in certain cases the Transportation Security Administration. Insurance documents naming Palm Springs International Airport as an additional insured must be submitted at the time of application.

Location Fees at Palm Springs International Airport

  • Commercial Filming – $279 per hour plus escort fee
  • Commercial Photography – $166 per hour plus escort fee
  • Escort Fee – $66 per hour per escort

NOTE: Passenger traffic varies by month and season at PSP, with October through April being the busiest months. Commercial filming and photography may be limited or restricted during this time, especially January through April.

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