Badging & AOA Permits

Palm Springs International Airport is dedicated to the safety and security of all operations, landside and airside. In order to ensure this, procedures have been established for gaining access by person or vehicle to the restricted areas of the airport. The following document will guide you through the various access levels and required procedures to obtain clearances to these restricted areas.

Airport Security Documents

How to Obtain an Identification Badge

Companies requesting Airport Identification Badges must have an Authorized Signatory Letter on file with the airport.  There should be at least one individual, in a management or supervisory capacity only,  authorized to request ID badges for the company.  Please submit your original letter on company letterhead with original signatures.

All persons requiring access to restricted areas of Palm Springs International Airport must first complete a Fingerprint/Badge Application form. The form will be provided to you via email from your Authorized Signer.

Fingerprint appointments can be scheduled by calling (760) 318 3830 or e-mailing [email protected].  The fingerprinting and badging process requires the presentation of:

  • A completed Fingerprint / Badge Application and two forms of unexpired government issued identification, with at least one of them bearing the applicant’s photograph.

Some acceptable forms of government issued identification are: State Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Social Security Card, Immigration & Naturalization Identification, Birth Certificate, Passport.

After fingerprints are taken, a Criminal History Records Check and TSA Security Threat Assessment are conducted and the results will usually be reported to the applicant within two weeks. If the fingerprints results do not indicate anything disqualifying, you may move to the next step: training.

Each applicant is then required to attend training.  Appointments to attend the training can be made by calling (760) 318-3830 or e-mailing [email protected].

Upon successful completion of the training class, the individual will be issued an Airport Identification Badge.

Fingerprinting and badging fees are normally billed to the permanent tenant; however, fees can be paid immediately upon service or issuance. The airport reserves the right to require payment immediately. Immediate payments may be made in the form of cash or a check made payable to the City of Palm Springs. Renewal fees are the responsibility of the applicant, and said fees will be required prior to revalidation of the identification badge.

  • Fingerprinting Fee: $60.00
  • SIDA, Non-SIDA, Secured Area and Sterile Area Badges Fee: $65.00
  • Late Badge Renewal Fee: $100.00
  • Badge Replacement Fee (Lost/Stolen/Damaged): $200.00
  • Temporary Badge Fee: $30.00. Applicants must currently possess a permanent valid badge of the same type. No temporary badges are issued for the sterile area.

How to Obtain an Air Operations Area (AOA) Vehicle Permit

The Airport requires a separate “Authorized Signatory Letter” for each company requesting Vehicle AOA permits. The letter must designate at least one individual in a management or supervisory capacity authorized to request AOA vehicle permits. A sample of this letter is available in the AOA Vehicle Permit Packet. Please submit your letter with original signatures. Two types of permits are available:

This permit is for company vehicles operated on the AOA on a regular basis. This AOA Vehicle Permit request form must be resubmitted each year, or sooner if there are changes or new vehicles are added.  More than one vehicle may be listed with each request, and the form will require the following information: Vehicle make, vehicle type, color, year, and license number. A sample form is available in the AOA Vehicle Permit Packet.

Each tenant has the ability to request Escort Required AOA Vehicle Permits (placards) for vehicles needing temporary access inside the restricted area. The tenant must escort the vehicle at all times with a properly badged PSP employee and the tenants’ owned/operated escort vehicle must display a permanent AOA permit.

All vehicle permit fees must be paid at the time of issuance, and fee information can be found in the AOA Vehicle Permit Packet.

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