Palm Springs International Airport Completes Successful Triennial Full-Scale Emergency Exercise


Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) proudly announces the successful completion of its triennial full-scale emergency exercise, conducted the morning of May 8, 2024.

This comprehensive drill, a crucial FAA requirement, demonstrated PSP’s readiness and capability to handle emergency situations with precision and expertise. The exercise not only tested the airport’s operational capacity to respond to an emergency, but also highlighted the strong interagency collaboration that is vital for effective incident management.

During the drill, the simulated scenario depicted an aircraft encountering an engine failure shortly after takeoff. Upon returning, the aircraft faced a challenging tail wind, resulting in a hard landing that caused extensive damage to the aircraft fuselage. This exercise was not a real aircraft emergency.

This staged emergency was designed specifically to test the coordinated response efforts of PSP and its mutual aid partners, including the city’s emergency management teams, fire and police departments, and medical response units.

“Today’s successful exercise is a testament to the hard work and preparation by our teams and partners,” PSP Executive Director of Aviation Harry Barrett said. “Any opportunity to train in a controlled environment for a real aircraft emergency ensures we are as prepared as possible. Our top priority remains the safety and security of all individuals at our facilities.”

“The seamless operation today reflects our city’s ongoing commitment to safety and excellence,” Palm Springs City Manager Scott Stiles said. “I commend the many agencies and volunteers involved in this emergency exercise. Their participation has strengthened PSP’s ability to collaborate when it matters most, while demonstrating preparedness to mobilize personnel and resources effectively.”

Palm Springs International Airport thanks all participants, observers, and the community for their cooperation and support in making this drill a success. This exercise is part of PSP’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and emergency preparedness.

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