Gate Greetings Return: PSP Welcomes Non-Travelers Beyond Security with Stay & Play Program


Palm Springs, CA — Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is excited to announce the launch of its new Stay & Play Visitor Pass Program, a unique initiative that allows people to explore the airport without buying an airline ticket.

Stay & Play grants non-traveling individuals access beyond the security checkpoint, where they can reunite with loved ones at the gate, just like old times. The program offers the opportunity for heartfelt farewells, quality time together before a flight, and sharing one last hug before departure. Stay & Play visitors can also take on the thrill of plane spotting from one of PSP’s scenic outdoor restaurant patios, and enjoy the exciting array of new shops and restaurants coming in 2024.

Effective immediately, visitors can obtain a free PSP Stay & Play pass by heading to and completing a simple, secure online application up to seven days before their intended visit. Upon approval, visitors will receive their digital Stay & Play pass via email. When presented alongside a TSA-approved ID, this pass allows a non-passenger to access the airport’s secure area.

  • One-Time Use: Passes are valid for entry on the specific date and time chosen during the application process. Approved visitors must leave the secure area by the end of the day.
  • Priority for Ticketed Passengers: Ticketed passengers have priority over Stay & Play visitors, ensuring efficient airport operations.
  • Limited Availability: Visitor passes may be initially limited or temporarily unavailable during peak hours to expedite screenings for departing passengers.
  • Security Regulations: Stay & Play visitors are subject to the same security regulations as passengers, ensuring a safe environment for all.
  • Restricted Items: Stay & Play visitors are not allowed to bring luggage or items prohibited by TSA.
  • Security Line Access: Stay & Play visitors may only use the general security line and do not have access to TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR lines.

“We’re not just opening our doors; we’re inviting the community to experience the unique outdoor atmosphere of Palm Springs International Airport, witness exciting changes, and reconnect with something people truly enjoy,” said Harry Barrett, Jr., Executive Director of Aviation. “We’re committed to creating a world-class transportation hub for Palm Springs, one that reflects our valley and the welcoming atmosphere of our community.”

This innovative program reflects Palm Springs International Airport’s dedication to delivering outstanding services and fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere for travelers and their companions. Check out for more information and Frequently Asked Questions.

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